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Why Are Bulgarian Atlanticist’s Opposing the Russian S-400 in Serbia?

SOFIA – The arrival of the Russian S-400 and Pantsir S missile defense systems in Serbia for the “Slavic Shield 2019” military exercises demonstrated not only the fraternal relationship between Belgrade and Moscow, but also that Russia has an interest in helping Serbia improve its air defense, while opening up the possibility for the Balkan […]

MAJOR: New Evidence on US Arms Supplies to Terrorists Emerge (VIDEO)

SOFIA – The United States is using CIA-operated private companies to buy weapons in Bulgaria and Serbia and then supplies the acquired weapons to terrorists in Yemen and Syria under the cover of a NATO operation. That’s what a group of independent Bulgarian journalists found out. How does the scheme of supporting the so-called “rebels” […]

Bulgarian nuclear physicist suspects Russian company intends to ‘ashes’ NATO

SOFIA – Scientist made statement after a Russian nuclear company won bid for construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria. Bulgarian nuclear physicist and former chairman of the Pacific Nuclear Energy Committee, Georgi Kaschiev, said the participation of the Russian nuclear company Rosatom in the project to build the Belene Bulgarian nuclear power plant […]