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Polish soldiers open fire on German trying to leave Czech Republic

WARSAW – Today in Poland  (April 28), an attempt was made to illegally cross the border with the Czech Republic. The incident occurred on the Polish-Czech border in the city of Pilce, where the border is guarded by soldiers of the 10th Opole Logistics Brigade. According to, a German citizen who is a permanent resident […]

Russians Never Abandon Their Heroes, Even When They are Monuments

By Arthur Evans – What should municipal authorities be doing at the height of a global pandemic? Obviously, to provide much-needed quarantine measures, make sure that essential goods, including medicines, are readily available and to monitor the work done by local health institutions. This is not the case with Prague district 6 mayor Ondrej Kolar […]

Czech Geneticist: New Coronavirus has signs of being man-made

PRAGUE – The well-known Czech molecular geneticist and virologist Sonia Pekova says that one cannot exclude the possibility that the coronavirus that caused the global pandemic was created artificially. “I believe that this cannot be ruled out. It behaves very unusual. There are a finite number of viruses that infect humans in the world. We can usually […]

Companies from Russia and the Czechia team up to build cement factory in Nigeria

Russian companies Drobmash and Energomotor, Czech PSP Engineering and Nigerian Abia Cement signed a memorandum of understanding to build a cement factory in Nigeria, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia, Steve Ugbah, announced. “We have just signed the memorandum of understanding,” the ambassador said. The factory with the capacity to produce two million tons of cement annually […]

PRAGUE: Revisionism and Russophobia go Hand in Hand (VIDEO)

Prague, Czech Republic – A spontaneous rally was held in Prague near the monument to Soviet general and Marshal of the Soviet Union, the legendary Ivan Konev. Citizens are trying to protect it from the local authorities. He was a double recipient of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, as well as Hero of […]

Secrets WWII Documents Finally Declassified (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – The most mysterious diplomatic paper of the 20th century was shown to the general public for the first time today in Moscow. It’s the original of the classified protocol of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. This is one of the hundreds of exhibits displayed at the exhibition dedicated to the beginning of WWII. The […]

Principled alliance: Balkans–Middle East parallels

By Vladimir Gujanicic – The maxim “divide et impera” has never been forgotten and has never been put out of service in Roman era. Every empire use such strategy to achieve its goals, where they can’t go through easily. On the other hand, the lesson of principled alliance needs to be learned, again and again, after […]

Czech military expert: Russia was to be dismembered in the ’90s

Brno, Czech Republic – Russia was to be dismembered just like Yugoslavia – in place of the largest country in the world, about ten new state entities were supposed to emerge. This opinion was expressed by Stanislav Balik, an expert at the Military Academy in the Czech city of Brno. In an interview with the Haló […]