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The USA Pays For Death of The Citizens of Georgia

By Cesare Lombroso – In September the unspecified hackers posted in Twitter social networking system a lot of documents proving that the USA performed the prohibited biological researches in Georgia The Government of Georgia and US pharmaceutical company Gilead ignored the research of 249 cases of death of the patients participating in the project of […]

Maniac Grifter Saakashvili cannot deceive the Georgian people – Garibashvili

The population of Georgia doubts the sincerity of the apology of the “insane” Mikhail Saakashvili , who is “obsessed with the desire for power,” Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili told reporters , commenting on the statement of the third president of the country about his desire to return to his homeland. “I didn’t want to talk about this person, but […]

One Script Fits All! US Ambassador to Georgia Decries Russian Interference in Upcoming Elections

TBILISI – Georgia should expect Russia’s interference in the elections, said US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan , answering a question from journalists about the upcoming October 31 parliamentary elections. “Russia has a scheme of intervention, including disinformation campaigns and other efforts, it happened consistently and was not connected only with the elections. This is why the […]

The US Is Preparing Another Color Revolution In Georgia For Next Year

The Port Of Discord Georgian banker Mamuka Khazaradze, the co-founder of the country’s largest universal bank and the man behind the Anaklia Port project, recently had a falling out with the government after being charged with money laundering and thus decided to form his own political party called “Lelo” in an attempt to unseat his […]

Ukraine’s Maidan Snipers were U.S Assets from Georgia

Referencing the piece run here at Fort Russ on 27 October “Confessions of Maidan Snipers” by Darrol, here is the original confessions given to Italian journalist Gian Micalessin which transcript should closely match the testimony provided in the Belarus’ courtroom, noted in the 27 October piece: (With English subtitles) Italian investigative journalist Gian Micalessin interviews […]

Confessions of Maidan snipers

By Darrol – Some historical facts emerge sooner than others.  The snipers who started the final stage of the coup in Kiev, Feb. 18-20, 2014, by shooting 210 police officers and 70 demonstrators (though the article says only “dozens”), have come forth and given testimony in court.  In neutral Belarus.  The snipers came from the Georgian […]

Protests in Georgia Amid Complete Collapse of Tourism (VIDEO)

Kobuleti, Georgia – There are new protests in Georgia. This time, it’s the hospitality industry representatives who are rallying. Hoteliers took it to the streets in the resort town of Kobuleti. They demanded that the government repair the damage from the massive outflow of Russian tourists.  The West had a profoundly malign influence on Georgia. After the […]

VIDEO: How Georgia’s anti-Russian stance ruined its economy

Tbilisi – The West had a profoundly malign influence on Georgia. After the 2008 war when Georgia, led by probably the worst leader in its history and also instigated by NATO, stupidly attacked Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which resulted in an absolute disaster for the Georgians, the country’s leadership has been fostering […]