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A Wedding Without A Groom: Putin’s Absence from Auschwitz

The Liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army January 18, 2015 By Joshua Tartakovsky In wedding and in funerals, one normally invites people who have some relation to the event, rather than strangers. In light of that, one must seek for a deeper explanation when attempting to understand the declaration of the Foreign Ministry of […]

Yatsenyuk gets a holiday present from Merkel and EU tax payers

January 14, 2015 Translated from German by Tom Winter   Angela Merkel has been able to let herself be convinced by Ukrainian Premier Arseny Yatsenyuk that Ukraine is on a good path. Since the development has no alternative, Merkel has released 1.8 billion Euros from EU tax money. Russia is pleased, since whatever helps […]

Will Merkel’s position on Ukraine thaw by the spring?

January 12, 2015 Anna Rose for Rossiyskaya Gazeta Translated from Russian by J. Hawk In one of her video addresses to the citizens of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel did not mention the role of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazi Germany when answering a question from a correspondent concerning celebrating the 70th anniversary of […]

Putin to EU: Dump the TTIP and embrace the Eurasian Union

January 7, 2015 Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten Translated from German by Tom Winter Russia has presented a surprising proposal for overcoming tensions with the EU, namely that the EU should renounce the TTIP free trade agreement with the United States and instead enter into a partnership with the newly created Eurasian Economic Union. A free trade […]

Letters from Stalingrad

Letter from a German soldier Erich Ott sent from Stalingrad. 23 August 1942: “In the morning I was shocked at the beautiful sight: for the first time through fire and smoke I saw the Volga, calmly and majestically flowing in its banks. We have achieved the ultimate goal – Volga. But the city is still […]