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“Orthodox Brothers”: Are Greek-Russian relations about to deteriorate?

The Greek newspaper Kathimerini said on Wednesday that Athens has decided to expel two Russian diplomats and to ban two others “due to illegitimate actions against the security of the country.” Citing several diplomatic sources, the newspaper said the measures “are a response to illegitimate actions on Greek territory that constitute interference in the internal […]

Jatras: Redefining Orthodoxy? Poor counsel to heed

The following is a brief rejoinder by James Jatras to the piece penned by Nathaniel Wood, which FRN ran yesterday, titled appropriately “Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and the ‘West’“. Wood’s piece is suggested reading, also brief, in order to appreciate Mr. Jatras’ response. We have published both pieces as a contribution to this part of the great […]

Will Zionist pipeline project bind Greece and Cyprus to Israel?

NICOSIA, Cyprus – The important Fourth Tripartite Summit between Greece, Cyprus and Israel, was held in Nicosia yesterday, which included Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli strongman Netanyahu is expected to present the plans for the construction of the East Med pipeline, which will pass from Israel […]

Greece’s “radical left” ruling party sells the country’s soul to neo-liberal Rothschild Bank

ATHENS, Greece – The French investment bank Rothschild plays an important role in Greece’s effort to get rid of the bonds of creditors, Frankfurter Allgemeine claimed on Sunday. “When socialism can no longer help, bankers are called upon to take over. The leftist, populist Greek government, which had traditionally anti-capitalist slogans, recruited prominent capitalists as […]

Theoorakis’ discovery: Erdogan plummets into an impassioned nationalism

CRETE, Greece – Recep Tayyip Erdogan is plunging into an impassioned nationalism, rather than internal needs, said politician Stavros Theodorakis, commenting from Crete on the provocative behavior of Ankara. “Erdogan’s behavior in recent months raises several problems in Greece’s relations with Turkey,” the head of Potamia political party said on television and recalled that at […]