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Why Patriotic Nationalism Beats the Ethnic-based One

When talking about nationalism, the Western mainstream media often use the term in a broadly negative connotation. However, how many people in the neoliberal-dominated West really know anything about nationalism? Expectedly, the answer is little to none. In order to understand nationalism, we have to go back to its root. Although nationalism was defined only […]

Secrets WWII Documents Finally Declassified (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – The most mysterious diplomatic paper of the 20th century was shown to the general public for the first time today in Moscow. It’s the original of the classified protocol of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. This is one of the hundreds of exhibits displayed at the exhibition dedicated to the beginning of WWII. The […]

Tension rises between Ukraine and Hungary as Kiev accuses Budapest of meddling

KIEV – The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine accused Hungarian authorities of interfering in the internal affairs of Kiev on Monday. The Ukrainian foreign ministry has also called on the Hungarian authorities to refrain from visiting the Zacarpatia region until the Ukrainian parliamentary elections are held on Sunday. “At the meeting with the Hungarian ambassador to […]


The relations between Hungary and Ukraine continue to sour, as we see the Kiev government fail on its commitments and regional obligations to stability.  Originally Hungary expressed grave concerns about the treatment of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine at the hands of the neo-nazi and Banderist, U.S installed junta governing Kiev. Even as such, Hungary […]

Klimkin fears Transcarpathia could be another Donetsk

“There are other regions where we have national minorities: Romanian, Bulgarian. We perfectly understand how Russia works among the Romanian and Bulgarian minorities. Russia can and will get better at applying hybrid methods. A consistent and clear policy is needed for all these regions,”