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Rule by Covid Fear : Biosecurity and Politics

By Giorgio Agamben – What is most striking about the exceptional measures that have been set in motion in our country (and in many others too) is the inability to see them outside of the immediate context they apparently function in. Hardly anyone seems to have attempted—as any serious political analysis would require—to interpret these measures […]

COVID-19, We Are Now Living the “Lock Step Scenario”

By Peter Koenig The 25th of April is an important date in Italy’s history. It commemorates the 75th anniversary of  Liberation, which is also the Anniversary of the Resistance. On April 25, 2020, Commemorating the Liberation of Italy. We express our solidarity with the people of Italy. At the same time we express our concern regarding the […]

MAJOR: Italy Announces Re-Opening Starting May 4

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte from his Facebook page on Monday evening, April 20, informed citizens about his government’s plans to rebuild one of the largest European economies, which suffered from the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19. The government is finalizing a plan to gradually unlock the country’s economy starting May 4, he stressed. […]

EXPERT: Italy, Spain, France may Exit EU – German Greed over Corona is Destroying the EU

Rome, April 10, 2020 –   Jean-Paul Fitoussi (born 19 August 1942) is a French economist of Sephardi Jewish descent.[1] Born in La Goulette, Tunisia, Fitoussi earned his Ph.D. cum laude in Law and Economics from the University of Strasbourg. From 1979 until 1983, he was a professor at the European University Institute in Florence, and a visiting professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1984. He currently is a Professor of Economics […]

MAJOR: Italian PM Warns EU Could Collapse

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the European Union might collapse as a project unless it acts decisively to help countries worst-hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Italy has been pushing for a co-ordinated economic response from the EU by allowing counties to share debt, but the proposal is opposed by Germany and the […]


By Sergey Manukov Italians were deeply offended by the European Union. They believe that Brussels betrayed them and left them to their fate in the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus Covid-19. “Staying in the European Union is pointless” Italy faced the deepest and most severe crisis after World War II. The number of victims […]