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Corrupt Japanese Mayor of Kitakyushu Announces Second Wave of Covid-19 Has Begun

Over the past six days, in the city of Kitakyushu in southern Japan, where for 23 days there was not a single case of coronavirus infection, 43 infections were immediately detected. While such numbers ought to be considered expected and statistically insignificant, nevertheless Mayor Kenji Takahashi ramped up the fear-mongering and announced the start of a […]

When Russians Want to do Something Well, They Call Their Army

For the past three days, Russian military transport planes with medical specialists and aid on board have been landing at an air base near Rome to help Italy in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Critics immediately started looking for some ulterior motives behind Moscow’s move, describing it as just a political PR stunt, a […]


TOKYO -The Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo are postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced today, March 24, by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Earlier today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC President Thomas Bach held telephone conversations, during which the Japanese Prime Minister proposed postponing the Tokyo […]

Reactions to Putin’s Doctrine: America Condemns, Neighbors Accept Reality

By Arthur Evans – As expected, Putin’s stark statement on amendments to the constitution regarding the country’s territorial integrity and cementing Russia’s territorial policies so far has been met with harsh condemnation from the US. US Territorial Disputes expert, Krista Wiegand of the Center for Global Security Studies in Tennessee, said Russia does not want […]

Japan: 3 US Soldiers Arrested for Assault and Shoplifting

TOKYO – Three US soldiers stationed in an American military base in Okinawa were arrested in separate incidents on assault and shoplifting charges, according to Japanese police. US news outlet Stars and Stripes, citing Deputy Police Chief Hirotoshi Iha’s statement, reported that Petty Officer Ricardo Alfre Monsalvogarza, 27, of US Naval Hospital Okinawa, is accused […]

Japan may drop the US-led sanctions against Iran

TOKYO – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Japan had thought of a way to topple economic sanctions against Tehran. Rouhani made the statement after returning from his two-day trip to Japan where he sought support from the Japanese, traditional US allies who chose to mediate the tension between the two countries. “The […]