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The Fall of Plahotniuc and a New Hope for Moldova

On June 15, 2019 Moldova’s Democratic Party officially announced that their leader had left the country to visit family “for a couple of days”. Over a year later, the oligarch still has not returned knowing that to do so could mean decades in a Moldovan (and possibly even Russian) prison.

Moldova seeks to increase the level of mutual trust in relations with Russia

CHISINAU – Moldova is interested in increasing the level of mutual trust in relations with Russia, said the country’s new prime minister, Ion Chicu, by meeting with the Russian ambassador to Chisinau, Oleg Vasnetsov. “It is important for us to re-establish cooperation with the Russian Federation and increase the level of mutual trust,” said Chicu, […]

MAJOR: U.S Backed Color Revolution in Moldova misfires as Oligarch Plahotniuc and his Democratic Party supporters flee on jets

CHISINAU – Supporters of the Democratic Party of Moldova, together with their leader, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, have just fled the country after the resignation of the government of Pavel Filip. Moldovan media outlets wrote about this, noting that businessmen and politicians flew off in private jets. According to some reports, Ilan Shor , who is suspected of […]


Today, Moldovan President Igor Dodon officially refused to hand over the land of the former Republican Stadium in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau for the construction of a new US Embassy. “Today I signed an official refusal to promulgate a law on handing over the site of the former Republican Stadium for the subsequent construction […]

Moldovan President nixes law against Russian media

Chișinău – President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, said on Thursday he would not approve a new code of the Moldovan Parliament on television and radio, which advocates a ban on Russian news programs. Earlier, the Moldovan parliament adopted a new code for television and broadcasting. The document confirms the introduction of rules […]

MOLDOVA CRISIS BREWING: Experts fear a ‘Maidan’ Scenario

In November 2018, parliamentary elections will be held in Moldova, but their results can be annulled if the vote results contradict the interests of the forces controlling the processes in the country, Sergei Panteleev, director of the Institute of Russian Abroad, told the “Parliamentary Gazette“. This can be an event that sets off a further […]