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How Putin’s Press Conference Affected The Dollar-Ruble Exchange Rate

Marina Yudenich – Live Journal Yes, I understand that the exchange rate does not depend on the words of the Guarantor literally by the minute (although some argue that it does), but let’s play this fun game – check the algebra with harmony So, here’s the graph of the fluctuations during the press conference. 12.00 […]

Bloomberg News Blames Putin for Russia’s Economic Problems

By Eric Zuesse On December 17th, Bloomberg News bannered “Putin’s Secret Gamble on Reserves Backfires Into Currency Crisis” and reported that, “As President Putin exulted at the Winter Olympics in Sochi 10 months ago, aides assured him Russia was rich enough to withstand the financial repercussions from a possible incursion into Ukraine, according to two officials involved […]

A Rejoinder to Doug Bandow and Stephen Kotkin

“Donbass is a Heart of Russia” (1920’s poster) By Michael Averko Re: Before the overthrow of Yanukovych, it’s fair to say that the EU and US had more of a pre-1914 geopolitical attitude towards Ukraine than Russia, for the reason that I note further below. The current predicament sees a post-Soviet Russia recognizing that there’s more to the world […]

U.S. Government Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia

By Eric Zuesse The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia than at any time since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. When French President Francois Hollande urgently side-tracked his return-flight from a diplomatic mission recently, in order to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, at […]

How to Read Lavrov Between the Lines

Friend – Live Journal Lavrov statements once again scared the Russian bloggers/LiveJournal political scientists. Blogger ‘Friend ‘dissects Lavrov’s statements to calm their fears.  People who periodically confuse TV series “Home 2” with the war in Donbass, send texts for Strelkov/Gubarev, and demand to bring in troops to the TNT channel, – are particularly paranoid. Their paranoia progresses so […]

How Harvard Raped Russia

How America’s aristocracy raped Russia and all of the member-nations in the former USSR: Economic hardship is being created by the foreign-controlled Bank of Russia’s monetary policies, to spread mass discontent and facilitate a Maidan in 2015 to remove Putin. So claims Evgeny Fedorov, citing the colonialist Central Bank law, […]

United States is Creating Three Military Bases in Ukraine

Editor in Chief of Jury Kotenok speaks to a military expert, Army Reserve Colonel Alexander Zhilin.  J.K.: American Senate adopted an openly anti-Russian act, according to which, besides military aid Ukraine will receive lethal weapons. Without a doubt, there is a great likelihood that all of this will be directed against Russia, and a risk […]