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Vladimir Putin may run for president of Russia in 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the final session of the anniversary conference of the Valdai International Discussion Club. In his speech he touted traditionalism as the heart of Russia’s national identity, lamenting threats like globalization and multiculturalism, the drive for a «unipolar world» and the erosion of Christian values. Valdai Club Russian and foreign […]

Kiev purges security services, including Crimean officers

Rusvesna   Since the beginning of the year, 249 employees of foreign intelligence service of Ukraine have been dismissed, including 59 managers of various levels. This was reported on October 21 by the press service of the agency. 47 former members of security agencies of Ukraine were prosecuted for treason, said the head of Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalivaichenko on October 21. He also […]

Ukrainian nation is 100 years old (according to their newspaper archives)

  Dmitry Sedov for Rusvesna It turns out back in 1893, the newspaper of immigrants from Malorossia, ‘Svoboda’ called its readers ‘Russian’ and the subtitle was “Chronicles of the Russian people in America.” Despite the efforts of two Polish nobles, Ptotsky and Chatsky, at that time the names ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Ukrainian’ were not yet common. The […]

Ukrainian media reported on a sinking of Russian nuclear submarine ‘Dmitry Donskoy’

@shrek Live Journal “‘Donskoy was supposed to sink the tanker ‘Academic Yankel’ from Piter. But the blame was supposed to be put on Ukrainian sub ‘Zaporozhje’, to declare war on Ukraine.” “Swedes gave up 🙁 Putin called the Swedish queen and said: Either you keep quiet about the sinking of Donskoy, or we drop a nuclear bomb on Oslo” “A friend from command […]

NAF Commander Igor ‘Bes’ Besler Press-Conference

B.: I endorse and will vote for Zakharchenko and support the Minsk agreement, bad peace is better then good war. I don’t discuss orders. Q.: Do you obey orders from your superiors? B.: Absolutely! I am a military man. We have a strict hierarchy. I follow orders from the Ministry of Defence. (I wonder what El […]

Why the ‘Putin-Oligarch Conspiracy’ is a Tool to Destabilize Russia

Rostislav Ischenko In recent weeks, the internet was flooded with content on the development and justification of a conspiracy theory, claiming that under the pressure of the oligarchs, Putin (let me emphasize it is Putin, rather than the Russian Government as a whole) had agreed to the elimination of Novorossiya, and now, in the framework […]

The Hottest Products in Ukraine Are made in Russia

In Nikolayev, the appointees of the Kiev authorities, began to put pressure on the management of large chain stores, urging the labelling of products, made in Russia. To please the inspectors one of the stores sported labels showing a burning Kremlin tower with the ominous words “Made in Russia”. Due to the fact that this […]

The Uncontrollable Commanders of Novorossia

@yurasumy Bipolarity of Donbass leadership is not accidental. Each pole (as in the Kremlin) has its own purpose. One shows a willingness to compromise and flexibility, the second … makes the efforts of the first futile. This structure is in fact copied from Moscow (with specificity) and it is not a surprise. It worked in […]