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China Steps in to Support Serbia’s Gambit to Repopulate U.S-Albania Occupied Kosovo with Serbian Families

BELGRADE – The Serbian state, headed by Vucic, has come under fire once again from the U.S and Albanian proxy occupying government of the unrecognized break-away ‘republic’ of Kosovo. The construction of the 300-home ‘Sunny Valley’ estate in Zvecan in Kosovo, funded by the Serbian government and Chinese investors, has sparked a political row over […]


MAJOR: Serbia Rejects US-Albania Platform on Kosovo Recognition – ‘Indefinitely Postponed’

BELGRADE – Serbian President Vucic appears to have outmaneuvered the Euro-Atlantic effort to push Serbia into an unacceptable deal regarding any recognition of Kosovo as an independent country. The achievement of a “comprehensive agreement on the full normalization of relations” between the Serbian authorities and the Kosovo separatists has been apparently postponed indefinitely. On March […]