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Twisted History Against Russia and Serbia

This article by Michael Averko first appeared at Global Research on July 7, 2014 The Gray Falcon commentary “Failure to Communicate” has this excerpt, that led me to an extremely anti-Russian and anti-Serb article, from a venue which has previously slanted in that direction:   “The latest example of this ‘flipping the script’ is a New Republic feature comparing Putin to Milosevic. In […]

Slavo-Serbia – the Serbian roots of Novorossia

Wikipedia Slavo-Serbia was a territory of Imperial Russia between 1753 and 1764. It was located by the right bank of the Donets River between the Bakhmut and Luhan rivers. This area today constitutes the territories of present-day Luhansk Oblast and Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. The administrative centre of Slavo-Serbia was Bakhmut (Bahmut), present day Artemovsk. […]