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WATCH: Spanish Doctor Schools a TV Anchor on COVID-19, Dispels Myths

MADRID – COVID-19 pandemic (or plandemic, as many would say) is surrounded by a large amount of controversy, to say the least. An enormous amount of mutually exclusive information is presented from all sides, but there’s only one narrative being pushed by the corporate-owned mass media. This narrative is the most narrow-minded one and is […]

UK NHS To Abandon Those Less Likely to Survive, Over 12,000 Spanish Health Workers Diagnosed With COVID-19

LONDON/MADRID – As the coronavirus death toll in the United Kingdom eclipses 1,200, doctors are reportedly becoming “much more careful” about which patients should be provided with potentially life-saving equipment. Intensive care for coronavirus patients is now being limited to those “reasonably certain” to survive, the NHS London trust said, according to The Telegraph. As […]

Spanish Medics Demand Protection as Death Toll Overtakes China’s

MADRID – Spain now has the world’s second-highest tally of coronavirus deaths after Italy, surpassing the number of dead in China, health authorities said on Wednesday. The number of people who have lost their lives because of the infection in Spain has reached 3,434, compared with 3,285 in China, Al-Jazeera reported. Italy still has the […]

Report: Security Firm at Ecuadorian Embassy Created ‘Profiles’ on Russian, American Visitors to Assange, Gave Info to CIA

LONDON – The Spanish security firm hired to guard the Ecuadorian Embassy in London during Julian Assange’s stay there gathered information on his Russian and American visitors and handed it to US intelligence, according to a new report. David Morales, the owner of security contracting firm Undercover Global SL, allegedly ordered his employees to keep […]