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The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor and the Clash of ‘Two Christianities’

This battle is found in the opposing concepts of Man, God and Nature’s law from which all definitions of “Justice”, “Goodness”, “Beauty”, “Truth” and “Love” emanate. In the case of what we will call “oligarchical Christianity” preferred by slave owners and imperialists, we will classify that perverted version which denies the validly of such passages as 1 Corinthians 13 preferring instead to emphasize the submissiveness of slaves to masters, masses to priesthoods and serfs to Caesar.

Kissinger’s Adoration of the 1815 Congress of Vienna

The incredibly shrinking Henry Kissinger is known for many things, but a revolutionary is not one of them. Over the years of service to the empire, the career geopolitician has been consistent in his unfailing commitment to 1) destroy the Westphalian system of sovereign nation states, 2) promote population control across the developing sector, 3) advocate limited nuclear war (in opposition to the more popular visions of total nuclear war advocated by Cold Warriors) and 4) selectively overthrow troublesome governments as a co-architect of color revolutions.

Vatican and Albanians: The Novo Brdo violence

By Grey Carter – Does the Vatican know what the Albanian bishops in Novo Brdo are doing? – the question many Serbs asked these days. The Albanian Roman Catholic mass was Served in Serbian ancient town and mine, Novo Brdo, in Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Nikola. All was done secretly and illegally, as is […]

BREAKING: VIDEO – FOUL PLAY? France’s Historic Notre Dame in Ruins, Fire Engulfs Roof

PARIS – The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris has caught fire, emergency services in the city have said. Photographs and videos shared on social media show huge clouds of smoke around the landmark. The fire broke out at the French building on Monday afternoon, a spokesperson from the fire department said. First photos/videos emerge on social media #NotreDame MORE: […]

MAJOR: Chief treasurer of the Vatican convicted of pedophilia

The chief treasurer of the Vatican, Australian Cardinal George Pell, was found guilty of pedophilia. During the investigation, five cases of sexual abuse twenty years ago against two children were proven. The court recognized that in 1996 Pell committed violent acts against two boys from the choir in the rooms of the cathedral in Melbourne. The Melbourne court issued […]