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TEXAS: A Matter of Life And Death

I believe that we are here for a reason, or rather, many reasons. We are here to learn, and to put that learning to use, for ourselves, for those around us, and for those who come after us. I believe in God, in a life, or many lives, after this one, which I believe will […]

Leaping from Despair into Hope

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Confucian, Hindu, Buddhist or other, the lesson conveyed by this biblical story and especially Rembrandt’s artistic treatment has a universal value for the simple reason that Christ’s life and mission represented a moral power of changewhich had the unique capacity to undo the foundations of the Roman Empire

FRN Observes Orthodox Easter 2020 – A prayer for all

Christ is risen! FRN sends heartfelt prayers to all this Easter. It is unusual for most who cannot observe  in all of the ways we should and normally have, and still we observe as we can in the way that we might. Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let those who hate Him […]

Apocalypse Postponed: a Spiritual View on Coronavirus

By Archpriest Igor Riabko – Union of Orthodox Journalists Сoronavirus is an issue of concern for the entire planet. But there are things that are much more important to reflect on than the virus, whatever dangerous it may be.   All bad things will pass one day because after all, Christ is Risen! So, in the end, we will come out […]

Schismatic Russophobic Bigot Appointed Ukrainian Minister of Culture – Vows to Crush Canonical Orthodoxy

Svetlana Fomenko becomes Acting Minister of Culture By Elena Konstantinova Svetlana Fomenko, who previously worked as an assistant to Viktor Yelensky, has become Acting Minister of Culture.   On March 10, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Acting Minister of Culture Svitlana Fomenko instead of dismissed Vladimir Borodiansky, reports “Ukrinform”. Fomenko was Deputy Minister […]

Schismatic Activists Attempt Seizure of a Ukrainian Orthodox Church

By Olga Vivdenko for UOJ UKRAINE – OCU activists have made another attack on the Holy Protection Church in Buderazh. Believers of the UOC called law enforcement officers and ask for prayers.   On January 25, 2020, at about 11 a.m., in the village of Buderazh of the Zdolbuniv district, Rivne region, local activists of the OCU […]

SERBIAN ORTHODOX SCHISM: Head of “Montenegrin church” says his structure would get Tomos

By Yekaterina Filatova for UOJ “Metropolitan” Mikhail Dedeic is convinced that without the church structure he leads with its “century-old property”, Montenegro would not be a full-fledged state.   The head of the Montenegrin schismatics, “Metropolitan” Mikhail Dedeic, called the law on religious freedom adopted by the Montenegrin authorities “a crucial historical turning point” and stated that […]

MONTENEGRO: Politicians Excommunicated, Faithful Take To The Streets, Hierarchs Speak Out (VIDEO)

PODGORICA – Tensions continue to run high in Montenegro after the Parliament and President pushed through a law that the Serbian Orthodox Church views as a blatant attack, aimed at seizing Church property from the canonical Church in favor of the minuscule schismatic “Montenegrin Orthodox Church.” The Episcopal Council of Montenegro, consisting of every hierarch of […]