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Bolsonaro’s statements reflect party polarization in Latin America

BRASILIA – According to experts, diplomatic problems between Brazil and Argentina reflect a moment of polarization in Latin America as a whole. The speeches of President Jair Bolsonaro and his son Eduardo against the family of the elected president of Argentina and in favor of the opposition candidate for the presidency of Uruguay led the […]

Neoliberalism Can Resolve Argentine-Anglo Hostilities, But At What Cost?

Soaring inflation, rising poverty, income drops, increasing hunger and malnutrition, has all caused widespread protest and opposition in Argentina as openly neoliberal President Mauricio Macri’s austerity measures continue to crush an entire generation of Argentines. This is in order to comply with the terms of a $57 billion International Monetary Fund bailout package. With 32% […]

Argentina’s President Macri takes orders from Netanyahu – decrees Hezbollah a ‘terrorist organization’

BUENOS AIRES – Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu telephoned President Mauricio Macri to thank him for his political decision to describe Hezbollah as a terrorist organization , accused of terrorist attacks on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA. Netanyahu spoke with Macri two hours ago to make explicit his recognition of a state decision […]

In the Dark: Massive Blackout Hits Argentina’s Electrical Networks

BUENOS AIRES  – A massive blackout affects the  City of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Conurbation, several provinces and Uruguay, from this Sunday morning onward. It is the first time in history that the lack of supply is registered in the entire national territory and simultaneously.   The cut of the supply took place to the […]

REVEALED: 12 Main Routes used by Human Traffickers, to move captured victims

SUCRE, Bolivia – The expert Mabel Lozano, a Spanish researcher and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said that Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela and Panama are characterized as the main countries where the human trafficking victims are taken from, and then moved abroad. Mabel Lozano (researcher and filmmaker), presented last month in […]

MAJOR: 5th General Strike Declared in Argentina against Macri’s Austerity

BUENOS AIRES – A high impact is expected from the national 24-hour strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), because there is no public transportation available. The national strike in Argentina against the economic policy of President Mauricio Macri began today Wednesday throughout the South American country as preparations were made by the CGT to activate […]