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Target… Iran!

By Steve Brown – In June of this year we examined why the United States will not attack Iran subsequent to raised tensions in the region. Six months later on the cusp of 2020, the United States has not attacked Iran militarily … yet.  However, Defense Secretary Esper just threatened to deploy 14K more US mercenary* […]

Israel deports director of Human Rights Watch in Palestine

JERUSALEM – Israel deported the director of the international NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) for Israel and Palestine, Omar Shakir, for allegedly supporting the boycott campaign against Israel. HRW has claimed that with the expulsion of Shakir, Israel has placed itself in the “ugly club” of authoritarian regimes. Shakir lost a trial this month before […]

Luxembourg says the EU should recognize the Palestinian State to defy Pompeo

LUXEMBOURG CITY – Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn urged the European Union to recognize Palestine as a State to respond to US policy regarding Jewish settlements. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that his country no longer considers that the Jewish settlements established by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank […]

Netanyahu promises to extend “Jewish sovereignty” to the illegal colonies in the West Bank

JERUSALEM (Sputnik) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to extend “Jewish sovereignty” to all Israeli colonies in the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by Israel. This measure, equivalent to annexation, seeks to obtain the support of the extreme right 16 days before the legislative elections on September 17. Speaking to elementary students at […]

Netanyahu upsets Trump : “Deal of the Century” once again postponed

For the United States peace plan on a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, or, as Donald Trump likes to call it , “the deal of the century”, difficult times have come once again. A new problem developed in the already well-known difficulties in Trump’s implementation of the initiative, in the form of a categorically negative position of the Palestinian leadership with […]

Crackdown sees over 900 Palestinians arrested by Israel in last two months

Occupied Palestine – In March and April alone, Israeli forces arrested 905 Palestinians, detailed human rights organizations.  Several human rights groups revealed on Sunday that at least 905 Palestinians were arrested in March and April in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip  by Israeli forces .  The non-governmental organizations detailed that among the 905 arrested are 133 children and 23 women. They indicated that during these […]