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Five Main Mysteries of The Second Karabakh War

By Evgeny Krutikov, originally at Vzglyad – The end of the Second Karabakh War gave rise to many mysteries and conspiracy theories. Indeed, some of the circumstances of this conflict are extremely mysterious, or at least paradoxical from the point of view of conventional military logic. Apparently, the Armenian leadership has itself provoked a political […]

Politics and Lies – Tracing the Roots

By Spasoje Dragićević – According to the classical image of politicians, they must be liars by the very requirements of their profession. Most people would agree with this notion, if not regarding the politicians they themselves vote for, at least when it comes to their rivals. Given that such association of politics with lying is certainly […]

Why Conspiracy Denialists are Wrong

People who question the mainstream narratives are often labelled “conspiracy theorists”. They are accused of having an “anthropogenic” and “anthropocentric” worldview. They are being criticised for, supposedly, believing that everything is caused by humans, or, more specifically, by the people of power. The “mainstream narrative dissidents” are said to have a tendency to personalise many […]

The Balkanization and Hybrid Warfare Against Sudan

By Dr. Bischara Ali EGAL, August 30, 2020 Introduction: In November, 2017, Former Sudanese Pres. Omar Al-Bashir paid a quick and urgent arranged visit to pleading with President Putin “that his country needs protection from the U.S. and could serve as a gateway to Africa for Moscow”. Al-Bashir, speaking at the start of his meeting […]

WAKE UP, LIBERALS! American Voters Are Smarter Than You Are

By Michael Lesher – Originally at OffGuardian– Published Nov 10, 2020 FRN Ever since Election Day, the self-righteous hate parade has been marching its way across liberal media. Too much support for Donald Trump! Even amid general declarations of a Biden victory, liberal angst – and snobbish posturing – darken nearly every op-ed, “news analysis,” social […]

Trump Must Out The Deep State

By Steve Brown – Whether the US 2020 election was truly stolen or not we will likely never know. The president himself doesn’t know since he failed to purge the palace that embarked on the palace coup that has seemingly toppled him. Booting Mark ‘Raytheon’ Esper after the fact simply highlights this fact. Now, Mr […]

Financial Times Lists St. Petersburg University Among the World’s Best

By Vladimir Gujanicic – Published Nov 2, 2020, FRN The ceremony of the beginning of construction of the SPbU campus “Mikhailovskaya Dacha”, one of the first stages of the creation of the project “Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University.” November 29, 2006 St. Petersburg, Russia – The Executive MBA program of the […]

On Course for a Coup

By Michael Lesher – Originally at OffGuardian– Published Oct 31, 2020 FRN Even the pundit class admits that the coming presidential election in the United States is shaping up to be an event like no other. “We’re in such a unique time that you don’t know what the next week is going to bring,” burbled Harry […]