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The Right Sector Refuses to Submit to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

January 15, 2015 Translated from Russian by J. Hawk  Photo: AP A Right Sector battalion refused to accept the status of contract soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces. This was announced by presidential advisor Yuriy Biryukov. “I personally proposed a plan for full legalization to the Right Sector. We discussed a variety of […]

18.5% of Ukrainians Support Fighting For Crimea

January 6, 2015 Marcin Skalsky for Translated from Polish by J. Hawk 23.5% of Ukrainians believe that the Ukrainian state has lost Crimea forever. This was the most popular answer chosen by the people polled by the Kiev International Sociological Institute. Only 18.5% of Ukrainians view the struggle for Crimea as sensible. 21.1% believe […]

Is Poroshenko Preparing for Peace or War?

January 2, 2015 By Joshua Tartakovsky, Independent Researcher What is one to make of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s recent statement that violence and force have failed in suppressing the Donbass and that negotiations must be carried out? Poroshenko said that there is no military solution to the war in Donetsk and Lugansk while qualifying his […]

President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s New Year Address to the Nation

December 31, 2004 Friends, The New Year of 2015 is about to begin. As always, we look forward to it with anticipation, making wishes, giving gifts and traditionally seeing in the New Year with family and friends. An atmosphere of kindness, goodwill and generosity warms our hearts, opening them up to pure thoughts and […]

A Year Ago in Ukraine

Alexander Rogers for Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus A year ago Ukraine had a bloody tyrant Yanukovych, who forbade the police to use force against the “protesters”, even when the latter tried to run over them with an excavator and burn them with Molotov cocktails. And all the “progressive community” was outraged by […]

Yushchenko Calls For a Government of National Unity: “We Have to Avoid the Impression That Either The West or The East Had Won”

December 25, 2014 Is Yushchenko presenting himself as a candidate of national unity to replace Poroshenko who, as Shariy notes, is being squeezed out of the game? And, moreover, one might think his approach would meet with approval not only in Moscow but also in Berlin, Brussels, and possibly even in Washington. [Tr.] The former […]

“Poroshenko is the Best Chance for … Russia?”: Ukrainians React to Lavrov’s “Poroshenko is the Best Chance for Ukraine”

As expected, supporters of Russia and Novorossia were split in their reaction to Lavrov’s comments about Poroshenko being the best chance for Ukraine in his recent interview to “France 24”. Their reactions ranged from the same old “betrayal of Novorossia” to “business as usual: read between the lines”. But in the rush of one camp […]

Russian Should Be An Official Language In Ukraine

By Michael Averko Re: Excerpt – “The competition, officially titled Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity, was launched in 2000 to promote the Ukrainian language in a country where almost one-third of citizens consider Russian their mother tongue.” **** Someone in Ukraine can show a preference for speaking Russian, while considering Ukrainian as the mother tongue. Consider […]