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China Supports Russia Against UK’s False Accusations of COVID-19 Vaccine Hacking Attacks

BEIJING – China has urged for stopping another baseless accusation against Russia, this time falsely accused that it had conducted cyberattacks on foreign companies developing coronavirus vaccines, as conveyed by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Friday. “We took notice of these statements containing allegations against Russia. Our position on this matter is definite. […]


China Sanctions Senators Rubio, Cruz, Other US Officials, Over Deep State Lies About Xinjiang

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Beijing introduced counter-sanctions against a number of US officials and entities, including Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, thereby retaliating against Washington’s move to introduce sanctions targeting senior Chinese officials over the fictitious abuses against the Uighur Muslim population in the western Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang. Other officials targeted by […]

UN ‘Independent’ Commission on Syria Cannot Guarantee Credibility of Its Own Data

MOSCOW – The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, which reported “crimes” of the official Damascus in Idlib, cannot guarantee the credibility of the information it disseminates, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday following a videoconference with his counterparts from the African Union trio (Democratic Republic of the Congo, […]

Opinion: Lying about China Lying – Coronavirus

There are numerous people who think that China is lying about its COVID-19 deathtoll, suggesting that the actual number is much, much higher. They look at the deathtoll in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, and they just can’t accept that China has only around 4700 confirmed deaths so far, and a […]

North Korean State Media Report on Kim’s Activities Amid Death Speculation

PYONGYANG – The state radio of the DPRK reported on Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had expressed “appreciation” for workers taking part in building the city of Samjiyon amid speculation on the leader’s health and possible demise, according to the South Korean state-run news agency Yonhap. There was no elaboration, however, on his health conditions or […]

China Rejects US Claim of Performing Secret Underground Nuke Tests

BEIJING – China said it shouldn’t have to bother denying a report from the US State Department that suggests the Chinese government may have triggered secret nuclear blasts at an underground test site last year. The report, which was released last Wednesday and first revealed by the Wall Street Journal, raises concerns that China might […]

A 70-Year War on ‘Propaganda’ Built by the CIA

By Cynthia Chung – Cynthia Chung is a lecturer, writer and co-founder and editor of the Rising Tide Foundation (Montreal, Canada). — “Hell is empty and all the devils are here” – William Shakespeare (The Tempest Act 1 Scene 2) War has always depended on a reliable system to spread its propaganda. The Arthashastra written by Chankya (350-283 BCE) […]