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Laibach: Our sympathies were always on the side of Communism with a human face

photo: Ciril Jazbec LAIBACH TALKS ABOUT THEIR PLANS FOR NEW PROJECTS, IMPRESSIONS FROM THE TOUR TO NORTH KOREA, PHILOSOPHY OF FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, SYMPATHY FOR COMMUNISM WITH A HUMAN FACE, AS WELL AS MUCH MORE from Laibach is not just an ordinary band in its traditional meaning. A more correct categorization of them would be […]


FUSARO: The Capitalist Destruction of the Family

By Diego Fusaro,  Italian Marxist philosopher “Capital behaves in front of each limit as [if it was] a barrier”: as such is read, in a lapidary way, in the Grundrisse of Karl Marx1. By these reason, the dialectic logic of the development of capital, in the last fifty years, has been that of a progressive […]

Towards a New Resistance: Eurasian Postcolonialism – Identity, Difference and the Question of Self

By Shahzada Rahim, edited by J. Flores – Identity, difference, and the question of self The world is a difficult and darkened place for innocent creatures to live. The metaphorical term “innocent” refers to the alienation of rational creatures, feeble humans, who authenticate their existence with the proud establishment of their civilizational epoch. The question is: […]

DUGIN: Russia took the worst from capitalism, China took the best

By Alexander Dugin –  China is a unique society that, participating in globalist projects, does not lose its identity. This is unimaginable for other cultures: when Western countries, Russia, Islamic, Latin American states do this, they change their identity to the Western, accept the basic parameters of globalization and become its victims. Perhaps the success […]

Dugin: Liberalism is the ‘Third Totalitarianism’

FRN Editor’s note: Aleksandr Dugin was in China at the end of June to meet with political leaders and Chinese thinkers. He gave the following exclusive interview to the Chinese state funded media venue, CCTN. We happily reproduce it here at FRN for those who may have missed it. Given how Western imperialist media, and […]

IN DEPTH: Nationalism in the Third World and the Idea of a Fourth Political Theory

January 4, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia. RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The anti-imperialist struggle, in the political contemporaneity, has a radically third-worldly character, patriotic, antisystemic and multipolar. The political blocs underlying the current conflicts no longer consist of those old ideological blocs that disputed hegemony during […]