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WATCH THE AWAKENING: Robert F Kennedy Jr Speech Against Medical Totalitarianism to One Million Europeans – Full Transcript

From ER Editor: We’ve transcribed Robert F. Kennedy Jr‘s speech below (broadcast through RT Deutsch), punctuated as it is with German translation, made to hundreds of thousands [correction – over 1 million – ed FRN, Flores ] of Germans assembled in Berlin yesterday, Saturday, August 29, 2020, to protest the anti-democratic measures of the COVID scare. Below […]

‘Winning’ the Tech War Against China by Losing

Walking away from its long-term relationship that goes back to those pre-Internet, pre-everything days, the United States government has legislated to list Huawei Technologies Company and ZTE Corporation as “national security threats”. To the surprise of many in telecom circles, the US has also succeeded in pressuring other European countries to go down the same […]

MAJOR: UK Bans Huawei From Its 5G Program

LONDON – British telecoms companies will be banned from buying Huawei 5G components starting from the end of this year, Media Secretary Oliver Dowden stated, as the firms also must get rid of all of their Huawei gear by 2027. He said that the National Cyber Security Centre informed the ministers that they have “significantly […]

MAJOR: US Backs Down, Allowing American Companies to Work With Huawei on 5G

WASHINGTON, D.C./BEIJING – The US Commerce Department issued a change to its sweeping Huawei ban, saying that it will allow American companies to cooperate with the Chinese tech firm on setting standards for next-generation 5G networks. The US had little choice, as the Chinese telecom giant is the global leader in 5G technology, having filed […]

KENNEDY: 5G Kills Trees says new German Study

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – After 9 years of research, a new study finds that electromagnetic emissions from cell phone towers cause ‘high-level damage’ to trees within range of the masts. The study of forests in Bamberg and Hallstadt, Germany combined photographic & observational data, & measured electromagnetic radiation. “This constitutes a danger for […]

UK Lawmakers Reject Proposal Banning Huawei from 5G Telecoms Networks by 2022

LONDON – The United Kingdom House of Commons voted on Tuesday to reject amendments to the country’s Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill, proposed by Conservative members of parliament, which would have prevented tech giant Huawei from participating in the establishment of UK’s 5G networks. In total, 38 rebel Tory (Conservative) lawmakers, including former leader Iain Duncan Smith […]

REPORT: Trump Cried ‘Betrayal’ at Johnson’s Huawei 5G Move

WASHINGTON, D.C./LONDON – US President Donald Trump has referred to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to allow the Chinese tech giant Huawei to take part in Britain’s 5G roll-out as a “betrayal”, The Daily Mail reported. It is understood that the US president used the term when speaking with a senior White House official […]

RIFT: US Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Denouncing UK’s Huawei Decision

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A group of House Republicans introduced a resolution on Monday that denounces the British government’s decision to permit Chinese telecom giant Huawei to build part of the country’s 5G network, arguing the move could “pose a threat to (British) national security”. The measure — led by House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member […]

China’s Huawei Tops List of Global 5G Smartphone Suppliers

BEIJING – Demand for 5G smartphones has been growing with shipments of 19 million units last year, the latest report by research firm Strategy Analytics showed. “Fierce vendor competition in China and heavy carrier subsidies across South Korea have been the main drivers of 5G demand,” according to the report, RT reported. Other regions, like […]