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BREAKING: Turkish air force gains revenge on Syrian forces in Afrin

AFRIN, Syria – An outpost for the Syrian forces near Afrin in the country’s northwest was hit by an airstrike conducted by a Turkish jet killing six fighters – including a colonel – and injuring two others, according to Al-Masdar News. The attack occurred on a gathering of pro-government fighters stationed along the road linking Afrin […]

Professor Filis explains why Erdogan invaded Afrin

ATHENS, Greece – The goal of the Olive Branch forces, a coalition of the Turkish military and their Syrian jihadist puppets, and the capture of Afrina by the Turkish troops is to create a safety belt along the Turkish-Syrian border, Professor Kontandinos Filis, a Director of Research at the Institute of International Relations, said. It is […]

Syrian government to Turkey: Get out of Afrin!

AFRIN, Syria – Afrin’s immediate evacuation after Turkey’s “unlawful invasion of the Kurdish region” is also formally demanded by the Syrian government following the arrival of the Turkish army in the center of the city. Damascus, several days after Turkish troops invaded its territories, has responded with a statement from the Foreign Ministry, asking Ankara to […]

British ideologue killed fighting Turkish-led forces with YPG in Afrin

AFRIN, Syria – A British ideologue has been killed fighting with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) against the Turkish-led Olive Branch force. The Olive Branch forces is a coalition led by the Turkish military and their Syrian proxy jihadist puppets. The ideologue, identified as Anna Campbell, was announced killed by YPG-affiliated media, but further details […]

Turkish-led forces capture 75% of Afrin from inept YPG

AFRIN, Syria – After 58 days of combat between the Turkish-led Olive Branch forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the former have captured 75% of the Afrin region in northwest Syria. This accounts to around 1,704km² of territory captured in under two months of fighting. A huge portion of this occurred when the […]

Former Kurdish leader: We lost the battle in Afrin, but not the war

AFRIN, Syria – An ex-Kurdish leader has announced on his Twitter that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) may have lost the battle for Afrin in northwest Syria, but they have not yet lost the war. “withdrawal from one battle doesn’t mean loose of war and give up the struggle. the struggle will continue and […]

SHOCKING: Over 1,500 YPG killed in failed operation to defend Afrin

AFRIN, Syria – In their failed operation to defend Afrin, a region of northwest Syria, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) sustained over 1, 500 deaths to try and take on the Turkish-led invading force comprising of the Turkish military and their Syrian puppets. The YPG opted to take on the invading force, dubbed Olive […]