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Permanent Russian Base? Putin Orders Additional Forces to Syria

MOSCOW – May 29, 2020 – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, May 29, instructed the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to negotiate with the Syrian Arab Republic on the transfer of additional real estate and water areas to the Russian military under an agreement on the deployment of an aviation […]

Israel to join British led NATO Air-force exercises for first time

LONDON – On August 28th, planes of the German and Italian air forces arrived at the British military airbase Waddington to participate in the Cobra Warrior-2019 international exercises, as well as the Israeli air forces, invited for the first time. In the near future they will join the  air forces of Great Britain and the […]

Iran Announces Major Air-Force Building Endeavor

TEHRAN –  Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Khatami welcomed the efforts of the country’s military-industrial complex to increase the self-sufficiency of the Islamic Republic of defense products of its own production. In this regard, the head of the Iranian Defense Ministry announced plans to significantly increase the production of Iranian Kowsar fighters, reported the Tasnim […]

How Would China Benefit from Acquiring the Russian Su-57 ?

BEIJING – Over the next two years, China will consider buying fifth-generation Su-57 Russian fighters. The Military Watch Magazine explains what the strategic benefits that China could derive from this agreement. As the issue indicates, the China Air Force already has fifth-generation Chengdu J-20 fighters, which have been in service since 2017 and are currently […]

MAJOR: Pakistan Downs Multiple Indian Aircraft as Tensions Escalate, Captures Pilot – Video

NEW DELHI – Official representatives of the Armed Forces of India declared the Pakistani F-16 fighter aircraft, which had previously invaded Indian airspace, over the disputed Kashmir region. Also reported on another Pakistani Air Force aircraft, which the Indian military aircraft “forced” to leave the sky over the Indian sector of Kashmir, reports the publication Times […]

SYRIAN EXPERT: The SAA Will Have MANY Improvements Beyond S-300 !

Syrian military strategic specialist and retired general Rada Shariqi said that the Syrian Air Force and Army will receive new weapons, not just the Russian S-300 systems. He is a particularly good source due to his connections with the military and intelligence services, and is able to speak publicly and give ‘semi-official’ perspectives and leaks, […]


Two Russian strategic Tu-160 bombers flew on neutral waters near the Arctic with support from MiG-31 fighter jets, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday. “Two strategic Tu-160 bombers made a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Barents, Norway and North Sea basins. Aviation support for the long-range aircraft was provided by the […]

U.S LOSES POWER: Analysts call Situation in US Air Force ‘bleak’

The US Air Force does not meet the potential conflict needs of the future because it is burdened with tasks, technical problems, and a shortage of skilled cadres, US media reports, quoting an analysis from the RAND research center and GAO. According to The National Interest, data from the analysis provide a “gloomy picture” of […]