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Albania attempts to linguistically erase Greek in occupied Northern Epirus

PHOINIKIS, Occupied Greece – In Albania, police authorities in May lowered bilingual signs in Greek villages in the municipality of Phoinikis in occupied northern Epirus. The Greek National Minority in Albania is already reacting strongly to the downing of Greek signs by official state authorities. These signs had been placed just a few days before. […]


KOSOVO: How Serbia bravely and brilliantly fought NATO and why is the “independence” of Europe’s top narcoterrorist, human-organ trafficking, sex slavery “state” finally crumbling

BELGRADE – Under UN Resolution 1244 Kosovo and Metohija is an autonomous province of Serbia. It is known for its massive reserves of natural resources. The Western countries wanted these resources and they weren’t planning on paying for it and even if they did, Serbia was unwilling to sell its own land to foreigners to exploit […]

Vucic: The American deep state considers Serbia guilty for everything

BELGRADE – Serbian President Alexander Vucic claimed this morning, July 8th, that an agreement with the Kosovo Albanians would be an important achievement for the future of Serbian citizens, but that it is impossible to reach an agreement with those who say that “you must recognize us within the existing borders.” “I have always said […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Argument Against New Borders for Kosovo and Serbia

Problems inherent in territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo and its repercussions for Serbs south of Ibar River For readers interested in the full report, of which the below is a summary, please follow this link: Territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo and its repercussions for Serbs south of Ibar river By: NGO Aktiv, North […]

MAJOR: Serbia Rejects US-Albania Platform on Kosovo Recognition – ‘Indefinitely Postponed’

BELGRADE – Serbian President Vucic appears to have outmaneuvered the Euro-Atlantic effort to push Serbia into an unacceptable deal regarding any recognition of Kosovo as an independent country. The achievement of a “comprehensive agreement on the full normalization of relations” between the Serbian authorities and the Kosovo separatists has been apparently postponed indefinitely. On March […]

The Conflict in Kosovo Cannot be Resolved by Europe, but by Russia and China – expert opinion

Separatist authorities in Pristina no longer hide their intention to force Belgrade,  at any cost, to recognize the independence of Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed in 2008. After the unsuccessful vote on the admission of a separatist formation to Interpol for Pristina, ‘Kosovar’ leadership decided to impose 100% duties on the importation of goods from Serbia and Bosnia […]