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South-West Russia now fully protected by the new S-400s

January 28 , 2017 – Fort Russ News –  Vesti – by Inessa Sinchougova The new S-400 “Triumph” anti-aircraft missile system has been put on duty in the Volga region. The complexes are designed to intercept and attack air targets. The previous complexes S-300PS had served for more than 20 years, and have now been replaced […]

“US anti-missile shield in Romania and Poland threatens Russia”

June 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –– Sputnik Italia – – translated by Frederick Assar – The deployment of elements of the US anti-missile shield in Romania and Poland threatens Russia’s security, said Ryssia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko. According to the diplomat, these elements are “very relevant from a combat point of view”. […]

Russian Foreign Ministry: US missiles make Romania a “clear threat” and “outpost”

February 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News –  RT – translated by J. Arnoldski –  With the appearance of elements of the US’ “missile defense system” on its territory, Romania represents a clear threat to Russia’s security, the director of the the Russian foreign ministry’s Fourth European Department, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, says. “Regarding Romania’s position and […]

Russia to beef up western defenses with S-400’s to counteract US-NATO threat

November 21, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  RIANovosti – translated by J. Arnoldski –  In response to the deployment of American missile defense systems in Europe, Russia is being forced to strengthen its aerospace defenses on its western borders, Viktor Ozerov, the chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Defense and Security, told RIA […]

US to deploy new nukes in Europe – Moscow expresses ‘concern’

September 23, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  RIANovosti – translated by J. Arnoldski NATO continues to expand its missile potential in Europe and Moscow is concerned over the deployment of NATO infrastructure near its borders, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated.  “NATO members are continuing to expand their anti-missile capability in Europe in the […]

Poland on the chopping block: NATO’s sacrificial lamb

August 27, 2016 –  – By Jafe Arnold (J. Arnoldski) for The Greanville Post –  Unless change prevails, Poland is slated to disappear from the map once again.  When Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz recently boasted that the NATO Summit in Warsaw would ensure that “The forces of our allies will finally be in place […]

Putin’s Warning: Full Speech 2016

July 25th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – Translated by Inessa Sinchougova Initially, I published only a small portion of this segment as I felt the key message must be made obvious. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with many people around the world reaching out to translate this into other languages, as well as wanting […]

NATO’s “5 Russian Myths”: A Tale of Washington writing Brussels’ Script

June 21, 2016 –  Albert Naryshkin, PolitRussia –  Translated by J. Arnoldski Continuing its propaganda attack and in order to aid its military maneuvers towards our borders and advance its military infrastructure, NATO has released a new “manual”, a document entitled “Russia’s top five myths about NATO.” The document is not very well prepared, but […]