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VIDEO PROOF of BRICK PALLETS: The Pro-Tests are Manufactured Dissent

By Joaquin Flores – FRN has compiled running reports and has enough first hand knowledge from labor and community organizing in the US (ACORN, SEIU) as well as working with governments and parties in the West Balkans and Russia, to make the determination that this uprising is manufactured. These are Pro-Tests not protests. We recently […]

BREAKING: VIDEO – FOUL PLAY? France’s Historic Notre Dame in Ruins, Fire Engulfs Roof

PARIS – The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris has caught fire, emergency services in the city have said. Photographs and videos shared on social media show huge clouds of smoke around the landmark. The fire broke out at the French building on Monday afternoon, a spokesperson from the fire department said. First photos/videos emerge on social media #NotreDame MORE: […]

Five acquitted in Odessa May 2 rioting

September 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – –, translated by Tom Winter – Photo is from Fort Russ’s account Odessa: eyewitness with camera, “Clubs, weapons, bulletproof vests, shields, Molotov cocktails. . .  Is there still an idiot who can believe these people wanted to quietly walk through the streets of Odessa?” In the Odessa, […]

Ukrainian Army uses arson on Donetsk civilian village of Spartak

August 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News – –, translated by Tom Winter – Today at 17:20 (Moscow time), Ukrainian servicemen deliberately set fire to dry fields near the village of Spartak. After 30 minutes the fire approached the first line of houses. This was reported by a source in the operational command of the […]