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Fighters from volunteer battalions bring weapons and chaos to Ukrainian home front

Taras Kozub for (Kiev) The relationship between the authorities and volunteer battalions is gradually deteriorating. Not too long ago the Governor of Donetsk region Kikhtenko talked about ” “, and recently Kiev Prosecutor Sergey Yuldashev made some harsh statements. He warned of a threat of armed revolution from armed to the teeth volunteers returning from the zone of […]

Right Sector deputy wants to execute deputies and ministers at a stadium The soldiers of the Ukrainian battalions fighting in Donbass regard the behavior of politicians in Kiev as a betrayal and are ready for . This was announced on air on TV channel Inter by the newly elected Verkhovna Rada deputy Borislav Bereza from the Right Sector, reported ‘Politnavigator’. For the place of future executions he picked a stadium, apparently as analogy with […]

Frontline Update from Givi, Donetsk Airport, November 7, 2014

Rusvesna “Yesterday was a very difficult day, first – for us, and then – for them. The city was hit with two packages of Grad, damaging houses very badly and a store. On our side – one 300th (wounded). One of the commanders of the tank regiment in the rank of Colonel and 9 officers were killed on enemy side, […]

NAF liquidated a Chechen terrorist at Donetsk airport

Rusvesna Militia reported that fighters from the army of Donetsk Peoples Republic liquidated Vahid Bamatgiriev at Donetsk airport. He was a famous Chechen terrorist, field commander, Chairman of the Committee on Sharia and State Law of the Parliament of the ‘Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’ in charge Sharia Court. Bamatgiriev also was regarded as a hero among the terrorists and was […]

Two teens killed, 4 injured while playing soccer in Donetsk

Rusvesna Donetsk on fire, Ukrainian artillery bombarding the city. The head of  administration of the Kuibyshev and Kiev districts of Donetsk Ivan Prikhodko reported about two killed and four wounded teenagers and young people: “Donetsk, Stepanenko Prospect, four wounded, two killed in the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian army. All aged from 11 to 21 years,” – said […]

Confessions of a Ukrainian commander of Dnepr-1 battalion, Yury Bereza

Yury Bereza Kristina Rus In the top ten of the party list from People’s Front of Arseny Yatsenyuk (which beat Poroshenko Block in Ukrainian Parliament elections of October 26, 2014), is a 44-year old Yury Bereza, a commander of a volunteer battalion Dnepr-1 (aka Kolomoisky personal army). He is one of the most recognized commander-deputies who will be taking […]

Intelligence reports: 70% chance of attack on election day, November 2

Rusvesna Frontline update from militiaman Prokhorov: “In addition to 31st blockpost (West of Frunze) Ukrop was covered in village Crymskoe (LPR). Troopers from the 31st blockpost (from the 8th) were offered to leave until November 1, otherwise will be destroyed. Two things: Deputy Minister of Defense of Donetsk People’s Republic in charge of intelligence, major-general Sergey Petrovsky, aka ‘Gloomy ‘or ‘Bad soldier’ reported: “All gathered […]

Revolt in territorial battalions, panic in Kiev

“Where are the communists?” “Are they not here?” Victor Zubritsky, Kiev (Facebook) According to verified information, from Police HQ on Bogomolets street #10 – Ministry of Internal Affairs is in real panic. Operational information was received that some territorial battalions are planning to unite and negotiate with the forces of the so-called DPR-LPR for joint armed march on Kiev. […]