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Bandera’s International – Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism

An important piece in light of Canada’s recent decision to be the only country in the world to honor Ukraine’s discriminatory and illegal request to bar entrance of Russian citizens into Canada if they reside in the Donbass – J. Flores By Michael Jabara Carley – originally published March 9, 2018 at SCF Canada has […]

EXPOSED! ‘Nazi’ Azov Battalion receives Armaments from ISRAEL

New Resistance, Brazil – An investigation into Ukrainian and Israeli armaments show a deep connection between the Zionist entity and the Nazi-Banderist Battalion, that is also now part of the police forces of the oligarchic and pro-Atlanticist regime of Kiev. Israeli armaments are being sent to the Ukrainian Nazi-Banderist Azov Battalion  that is part of the security forces […]