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Poroshenko adviser suggests how much longer the civil war will continue

March 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News –– RiaNovosti – By James Harmon Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Yuri Biryukov suggested that the conflict in the Donbass will continue for another year or two. “The specific information I do not know, but I feel that the conflict will continue for another year and a half or […]

Ceasefire in Donbass

March 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –– RiaNovosti – Translated by James Harmon A representative of the DNR stated that the ceasefire in the Donbass, is now being observed from 11:00 am on Sunday. “A joint cease-fire by the DPR and LPR has been put into place under cooperation between our republics.”, Stated deputy commander of the […]

Extremists in Ukraine lifted the blockade of the railway in Konotop

March 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –– RiaNovosti – Translated by James Harmon – The Company “Ukrainian Railways” reported that the situation with the blockade of trains from the Russia in the Ukrainian city of Konotop is resolved. “The participants agreed to not hinder the blockade of train movement”, stated the company’s press-service. “Ukrzaliznytsya” also said […]

Savchenko flies to Moscow to defend Nazi terrorists from prison

October 26, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski – The former lawyer of Nadezhda Savchenko, Ilya Novikov, has announced that Savchenko has flown to Moscow to participate in the trial of members of the far-right extremist Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense organization (banned in Russia), Nikolaya Karpyuk and […]

Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader: We’re all going to end up in the Hague

September 2nd, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  – Maksim Karpenko, PolitNavigator – translated by J. Arnoldski The militants of Ukrainian nationalist formations involved in the war in Donbass could be convicted by an international tribunal as war criminals. This was recognized by the leader of the Svoboda party, Oleg Tyagnibok, live on NewsOne. “Tomorrow […]

The Banderite 5th Column haunting Russia’s South

August 30, 2016 –  – By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski Continued from Part 1  Left: Vladimir Makarchuk/Right: a demonstration by the neo-Nazi Svoboda party in Kiev In my article “The Latest Trends of Modern Ukrainian Nationalism” published in an academic journal in 2010, I identified two strata and generational […]

Surprise – Judeo-Banderism is out of fashion!

August 4th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  – Politikus – By: A.M Vasilevsky –  translated by J. Flores for Fort Russ –  Recently, some parts of Ukrainian society have started to have a glimpse of self-reflection. Some Ukrainians say they stood on the Maidan for completely different ideals than the ones we have now, others […]

Expert opinion: There is no real “Ukrainian nationalism”

July 15, 2016 –  By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ Translated by J. Arnoldski In 2010, I wrote a large research article on contemporary Ukrainian nationalism, perhaps the only such scholarly article on the topic in Russia at the time, for an expert journal. My colleagues reported afterwards that the article had even been distributed […]