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Beirut Explosion Lays Groundwork for Regime Change Push

By Kit Knightly – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Aug 8, 2020 FRN It’s been three days since the explosion that destroyed a large part of Beirut’s port district, and though the cause is still unclear, the political fall-out is taking shape. The official story is that nearly 3000 tons of Ammonium nitrate, stored in the warehouse […]

VIDEO: What’s Happening In Beirut & The Middle East.

What role does the Belt and Road Initiative play with the Beirut explosion of August 4? How has Lebanon been pulled between two systems for decades and in what way have the unipolarists of the west kept this nation (and the entire Arab world) under the imperial grip of a financial elite and under the chaotic storms of war and regime change? How have leading Lebanese statesmen positioned this small but strategic nation to take on a new destiny within the newly emerging multipolar alliance and who has the most to lose in this new paradigm?

Beirut Blast: Hundreds Killed – State of Emergency Announced

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun has called for a two-week state of emergency in Beirut following a huge explosion that claimed more than a hundred lives, injured thousands more and sent seismic shockwaves through the capital, with the country’s top defense body describing Beirut as a “disaster-stricken” city. Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council headed by […]