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Karadzic’s Conviction is a Direct Path to Destroy the Serbian Republic – It Must Be Overturned

Editor’s introduction: We’ve done two things here. We’ve given this piece a more clear title: “Karadzic’s Conviction is a Direct Path to Destroy the Serbian Republic“, when the original was titled in Russian: “Serbia’s Truth is not needed by Western Controllers of Bosnia“. And second, the point is this: BiH’s Sarajevo will absolutely use the […]


New police training centre opens in Serbian heart of Bosnia, Banja Luka

BANJA LUKA, Republic Srpska – President of Republic Srpska Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic and Minister of Interior Dragan Lukac officially opened a new police training centre in Banja Luka on Wednesday, marking Republic Srpska’s Police Day. Republic Srpska is an autonomous Serbian region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the occasion, dozens of new […]

The Balkan Wars: The Bosnian puppet state of NATO

The following piece is based on an informative overview of the 90’s war between former Yugoslav states. It was not without flaws, some I’ve rejoined in the text, others I’ve outright omitted from the source cited at the bottom. Others may still remain. Nevertheless, here is what we present to you …. * The war in Bosnia […]