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Open Ukraine: Radioactive Goods Are Being Exported From Chernobyl

Fort RussApril 28th, 2017 Translation by Tatzhit Mihailovich Source Video: FROM THE TRANSLATOR The 31st anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear disaster this Wednesday has attracted considerable media attention in the West. Most of the publications focused on the event itself. Some talked about the recent “accomplishments” of the Poroshenko regime – erecting a steel containment […]

History of Russia: “Reds vs Whites – The people who lost”

Fort Russ, March 24th, 2017Translation and preface by Tatzhit A famous quote – “those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it” – still rings true today. However, the understanding of history, especially Russian history, is often clouded by bias; propaganda for political gain is unfortunately an omnipresent feature of modern historic studies. As […]

Rising Heresy among the Russian liberal opposition

Fort Russ, Feb. 21st, 2017 Original post by LJ-Fritzmorgen (Oleg Makarenko), a well-known Russian blogger and analyst: LINK Translated by Tatzhit From the translator: I think this text captures quite well the subtle shifts that have been happening in the Russian political life for some time now, but were hugely accelerated by the Ukrainian conflict. […]

Littlehirosima: Social Workers

Fort Russ, February 1st, 2017 Translated by J.Hawk and originally posted at LittleHirosima-English website Edited by Tatzhit, reprinted with permission –”Some time ago, one of our workers was taken hostage. The drunken father imagined that we came to take away his child, so he locked her up at his home. We called the militia, the […]

There are no liberals left here

Fort Russ, Jan 16th, 2017 Author: meshuga80, Russian Source – translated and edited by TatzhitFROM THE TRANSLATOR A number of my older translations that were never posted to Fort Russ were “erased from the web” (nothing too nefarious – most notably LiveLeak bugs that wipe out text, plus expiring registrations on various small websites). Obviously, […]

Who is to blame for killing of Russian ambassador to Turkey?

Fort Russ, January 13th, 2016 –  Source: molonlabe Live Journal Translated by L. Gimalieva, edited by Tatzhit Mihailovich (originally published in Russian January 3rd, 2016 see Background section below for author’s credentials -ed.) Assassination of an ambassador is a big deal, obviously. Right now, some politicians are trying to take the blame off Turkey, so as […]