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Human Rights Watch Admits: A Coup Occurred in Bolivia

New York, United States – Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated the series of developments that led to the resignation of Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales constituted a coup, raising the alarm about human rights abuses by the country’s military at the time. Jose Miguel Vivanco, the director of Americas division of the Human Rights Watch, […]

Morales: US Embassies Behind Coups Around World

MEXICO CITY – Bolivia’s toppled President Evo Morales warned against regime change plots orchestrated and led at the US diplomatic missions against national governments across the world, just weeks after he won re-election but was forced to resign following a pseudo-coup by the US-backed opposition and armed forces. “When I became president in 2006 and […]

Evo Morales accuses Bolivian military commanders of honoring scam artists

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales accused his country’s Armed Forces commanders of honoring coup plotters who participated in the crackdown and massacre of protesters. Despite the message, Morales acknowledges that “fortunately not all military personnel.” Moments earlier, he had accused the government of current President Jeanine Ánez of preparing for the privatization of national companies […]

Russia will continue cooperation with Bolivia on energy projects

LA PAZ – Russia will continue to cooperate with Bolivia on hydrocarbon and nuclear energy projects agreed with the government of the ousted President Evo Morales, said the Moscow ambassador to that South American country, Vladimir Sprinchan. “The Minister [of Bolivia’s Hydrocarbons, Víctor Hugo Zamora] ratified all the projects that are being carried out, which […]

Mexican President: ‘Morales Victim of a Coup D’état’

MEXICO CITY – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended granting political asylum to Bolivia’s ex-leader, who stepped down under the military’s pressure last month, saying Evo Morales was the victim of a coup d’état. Addressing a crowd of supporters celebrating his first year in office on Sunday, Obrador spoke in support of Morales and […]

Bolivia announces that it will reestablish diplomatic relations with Israel

JERUSALEM – Bolivia announced that it will renew its diplomatic ties with Israel after a decade in which relations between the two countries were severed. Speaking to the foreign press, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Karen Longaric, said: “We will restore relations with Israel.” Longaric said diplomatic relations will resume “out of respect […]