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Rival in 2022? Moro is more popular than Bolsonaro, research reveals

Justice and Public Safety Minister Sergio Moro is more popular than President Jair Bolsonaro, according to a poll published Monday by Datafolha. According to the survey, “53% rate their [ministry] administration as good, another 23% rate it as fair and 21% rate it as poor,” while the president has more modest rates: 30% rate his […]

Brazil’s honeymoon with the US is over too soon

After a year of seeking a stronger rapprochement with the US, Brazil continues to be the target of President Donald Trump’s few friends’ policy, raising questions about the real advantages of this partnership. On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced the restoration of tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Brazil and Argentina, countries that […]

HILARIOUS: Bolsonaro Claims DiCaprio Paid for Amazon Forest Fires

BRASILIA – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused, without providing evidence, Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio of financing nonprofit groups that he claimed are partly responsible for fires in the Amazon rainforest this year. The far-right leader appeared to be commenting on social media postings claiming that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) environmental organization […]

Bolsonaro’s statements reflect party polarization in Latin America

BRASILIA – According to experts, diplomatic problems between Brazil and Argentina reflect a moment of polarization in Latin America as a whole. The speeches of President Jair Bolsonaro and his son Eduardo against the family of the elected president of Argentina and in favor of the opposition candidate for the presidency of Uruguay led the […]

Chinese analysts assess Bolsonaro’s ‘sea of ​​opportunity’ to China

BEIJING – Chinese experts commented on Bolsonaro’s visit to China after the Asian giant was called “capitalist” by Brazil’s president. On Friday, the last day of his visit to China, Bolsonaro met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who promised to increase trade with Brazil. The meeting took place at the Great People’s Palace in Beijing. […]

Why is the U.S. in a 5G war with China in Brazil?

BRASILIA – As Huawei is pioneering the next-generation of telecommunications, specifically 5G technology which will bring faster internet, support autonomous cars and other futuristic applications, it has been targeted by the United States in its trade war with China and has become a politically sensitive issue. The U.S. argues that its allies, including the Latin […]