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PARADIGMS: The 15th Century Renaissance and the Space Program Today

With Italy’s recent joining in the new BRI alliance, and the announcement of a Russia-China-European joint lunar base to be built in the coming decades, a potential for a new global renaissance is now emerging. This new potential for a renaissance is premised upon the awakening of something within humanity that has been forgotten.


The Polar Silk Road Heats up the Arctic

Over the past months, an unexpected world of economic activity has opened up across Russia’s Arctic frontier with the unveiling of the Polar Silk Road. While many western business and political interests have seen this incredible opening up of the last unexplored frontier on the earth as a chance for dialogue and peace, too many neo conservative warmongers and neo-liberal technocrats have chosen instead to view this development as a threat to be destroyed at all costs.

China aims to build 30 nuclear reactors in Silk Road countries by 2030

BEIJING – China should seize the opportunities offered by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and give more financial and political support to its nuclear sector. “Nuclear power has already become a state strategy, and nuclear exports will help optimize our export trade and free up high quality domestic production capacity,” senior expert Wang Shoujun […]

Arguments in Defence of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Part I

The following is a three-part series of criticisms received as VKontacte (VK) private messages from an anonymous Australian citizen heavily critical of China’s rising influence and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The following article responds to the first criticism, arguing in favour of the BRI from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.