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Coronavirus: Who is Performing The Event 201 Human Experiment and Why?

By Vladimir Odintsov – NEO – Countries all over the world have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for months now, which is exposing a growing number of problems in their systems and the mistakes made by the current political elites that thousands of people on the planet have already paid for with their lives. And […]

Scotland to consider ‘all options’ for new independence referendum

EDINBURGH – Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the UK government has a “democratic duty” to allow Scotland to vote for its independence for the second time, otherwise “all options” will be considered. Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Sturgeon made his remarks on Thursday, a week after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won the parliamentary […]

Brexit Could See the Return of the Falkland Islands to Argentina

The Islas Malvinas, or more commonly known as the Falkland Islands, archipelago was invaded by the United Kingdom in 1833 and its occupation has continued to date. Argentina’s claim for sovereignty through diplomatic means has been a state policy since the failed liberation attempt through military means in 1982. Although it lost intensity during the […]

BBC under increasing criticism for biased reporting

It’s almost as British as fish and chips and a pint, but what used to be embraced by the masses as a reliable source of information, the BBC, is now under increasing scrutiny for its overt political bias. With the growing popularity of social and alternative media, Brits are no longer taking as gospel what […]

Anti-Corbyn propaganda on full blast as UK election nears

With less than a month to go before the UK general election, all efforts are being made by political parties to further their agendas. Naturally each side is launching attacks on the other, but perhaps the most virulent campaign is that of the Conservatives towards Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Their malicious accusations, particularly regarding allegations […]

Israel to join British led NATO Air-force exercises for first time

LONDON – On August 28th, planes of the German and Italian air forces arrived at the British military airbase Waddington to participate in the Cobra Warrior-2019 international exercises, as well as the Israeli air forces, invited for the first time. In the near future they will join the  air forces of Great Britain and the […]