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China Launches Chang’e-5 to Collect, Return Moon Samples

BEIJING – On Tuesday China launched a spacecraft to collect and return samples from the Moon, the country’s first attempt to retrieve samples from an extraterrestrial body. A Long March-5 rocket, carrying the Chang’e-5 spacecraft, blasted off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on the coast of the southern island province of Hainan at 4:30 […]

MAJOR: Beijing Warns ‘Five Eyes’ Could be Poked Blind if China’s Sovereignty, Security Harmed

BEIJING – Rebutting the Five Eyes’ (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) joint statement stigmatizing the recent decision by China’s top legislature to disqualify 4 disloyal lawmakers from Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to repeated external interference in China’s internal affairs. He directly warned the Five Eyes […]

MAJOR: China Declines to Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

BEIJING – On Monday, China declined to congratulate Joe Biden as the “winner” of the US 2020 presidential election, saying the outcome of the vote was still to be determined. While incumbent Donald Trump is yet to concede (if ever) and has launched several legal challenges, many world leaders prematurely congratulated Joe Biden and running […]

TIT FOR TAT: China Passes Law Restricting Sensitive Technology Export to US

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – China passed a new law that restricts export of sensitive items vital to national security in reprisal for a similar move by the United States. China’s news agency Xinhua said the law was passed on Saturday by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee — the country’s top legislative body — and will […]

CHINA: ‘US Created Enough Troubles For World, But Stands Isolated’

BEIJING – China’s envoy to the United Nations hit back at the United States over its baseless accusations about the origins of the new coronavirus, saying Washington has created enough troubles for the world already and that enough is enough. “I must say, enough is enough! You have created enough troubles for the world already,” […]