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MAJOR: Syria to Build a Replica of Hagia Sophia With Russia’s Help

DAMASCUS – President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad announced yesterday that he will build a replica of Hagia Sophia, showing his firm opposition to Turkey’s latest decision on converting the Greek Orthodox Cathedral into a mosque. Russia pledges to assist Syria in the construction of the church replica. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reiterated that, unlike […]


BREAKING: WATCH Trump Order Churches, Mosques, and Temples Open – Declares these Essential

By Carrie Sheffield – JustTheNews President Trump on Friday said states must allow churches to reopen this weekend, otherwise “I will override the governors.” Trump said U.S. churches would be allowed to re-open if they followed coronavirus social distancing protocols. “Today I’m identifying houses of worships: churches, synagogues and mosques as essential places that provide […]

FRN Observes Orthodox Easter 2020 – A prayer for all

Christ is risen! FRN sends heartfelt prayers to all this Easter. It is unusual for most who cannot observe  in all of the ways we should and normally have, and still we observe as we can in the way that we might. Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let those who hate Him […]

Apocalypse Postponed: a Spiritual View on Coronavirus

By Archpriest Igor Riabko – Union of Orthodox Journalists Сoronavirus is an issue of concern for the entire planet. But there are things that are much more important to reflect on than the virus, whatever dangerous it may be.   All bad things will pass one day because after all, Christ is Risen! So, in the end, we will come out […]

Coronavirus as a test of faith and faithfulness to the Church

By Archpriest Sergei Uspensky Photo: Archpriest Sergey Uspensky talks about faith, unbelief, God’s Providence, growing panic around coronavirus and the fate of all deacons.   More recently, the Orthodox of our country has been subjected to social persecution. The flow of slander and satanic malice, even if it is not so intense, still continues […]