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By Arturo Gallegos – It is well known that to any progressive change in the politics of a country there is a reaction to the contrary, in other words, the response of the conservative side. Not rarely this resistance of the privileged class to lose its advantages usually ends in violence. Old and recent history […]


Laibach: Our sympathies were always on the side of Communism with a human face

photo: Ciril Jazbec LAIBACH TALKS ABOUT THEIR PLANS FOR NEW PROJECTS, IMPRESSIONS FROM THE TOUR TO NORTH KOREA, PHILOSOPHY OF FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, SYMPATHY FOR COMMUNISM WITH A HUMAN FACE, AS WELL AS MUCH MORE from Laibach is not just an ordinary band in its traditional meaning. A more correct categorization of them would be […]

Promote Michael Parenti, not Slavoj Zizek

In a blistering evisceration of phoney Marxists, ZOLTAN ZIGEDY excoriates those academics and their dupes who peddle trendy nonsense that was never a threat to capitalism – Morning Star GOOGLE knows that I have an abiding interest in Marxism. Consequently, I receive frequent links to articles that Google’s algorithms select as popular or influential. Consistently […]

MASSIVE: Immortal Regiment March in St. Petersburg yesterday tops 1.2 million

ST. PETERSBURG – May 9, 2019 –The Immortal Regiment March in St. Petersburg yesterday saw  1.18 million estimated participants. People celebrate Victory Day by carrying portraits of their relatives who fought against nazism, as well as portraits of the Soviet leaders and marshals/generals of the Red Army who lead the country during the war.   […]

DUGIN: Anti-Communism and Anti-Fascism are Tools of Capitalism

Translator’s note – These notes below correlate to a broader Russian language-only discourse on Dr. Dugin’s ‘Dugin’s Directive’ show, intended for Russian audiences. The results can lead to some confusion among Anglophone readers as well as those following events in Ukraine. For the record, Dr. Dugin has been a staunch advocate and supporter of self-described […]

A Move Away From Socialism to Americanization? Cuba Legalizes Private Sector

HAVANA, Cuba – The new constitution reaffirms the socialist course of the Cuban Revolution, said President Miguel Díaz-Canel at the end of the second regular session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), where a new Constitution was approved. “The Basic Law that we have just adopted reaffirms the socialist course of the Revolution […]

Over 350 People Detained During Saturday’s Yellow Vest Protest in France

More than 350 people were detained in France last Saturday during a rally of yellow vests. This was reported by France’s BFMTV channel on December 16th. A total of 351 demonstrators were detained by police, 242 of them were detained. In Paris alone, 179 arrests were made. 144 people were arrested. Mass protests in France began in mid-November due to the […]