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Serbia begins Arrests for State of Emergency Violations

BELGRADE – Serbia has begun arrests for violating the state of emergency imposed in the country due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Information about this was circulated by Serbian law enforcers, the TANJUG agency reports. Against the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus infection, the Serbian authorities introduced a state of emergency in […]


MAJOR: Serbian Ministers Request Coronavirus Help from Russian Federation

BELGRADE – Amidst rising concerns over both military and security needs within the context of an alleged health pandemic, the Serbian government’s cabinet of ministers resolved on March 26th to request help from Moscow earlier today. Bear in mind that in the drill ‘Event 201’ references to a pandemic with the ability to destabilize governments […]

Crisis and Opportunity: A Positive Spin on the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

The past weeks have seen the world swept up by a maelstrom of hysteria, misinformation, and confusion under the guise of a new global pandemic. The over-saturation of information overwhelms the senses and is almost designed to inflame the mass panic, which has taken a life of its own and even threatens to trigger a total financial blowout of the trans Atlantic bubble economy.

NEW NUMBERS – Biggest Unemployment Surge in American History

By Michael Snyder The pace at which Americans are losing their jobs is absolutely breathtaking.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the largest number of new claims for unemployment benefits ever recorded in a single week prior to this year was 695,000 during the week that ended October 2nd, 1982.  So that means that what we […]

Is the U.S helping Iran against COVID-19? ‘Deceptive claims’ says IRGC Chief

IRGC chief calls out Pompeo’s misinformation – ed TEHRAN, Mar. 26 (MNA) – Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami said that Americans say that they want to help Iranian people at the current condition that the country is fighting against coronavirus, is nothing but ‘demagoguery, deceptive’.   He made […]


ROME, [Russian Spring] – Over the past 24 hours in a major move, Russia has sent an unprecedented military humanitarian mission to Italy, a NATO country, which in its official press reports tactfully called “an operational group of military doctors, specialists in the field of virology and epidemiology, with modern equipment for diagnosis and disinfection.” […]

VIDEO – Is COVID-19 an American Ethnic Weapon Targeting Iran?

#7881 | 07:12 Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran) On March 10, 2020, Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh hosted a discussion about the possibility that COVID-19 is a biological weapon on this show on Ofogh TV (Iran). The discussion was preceded by an animation that explained that the assumption is that COVID-19 is a synthetic virus that was […]

WHY? Belgium Destroyed 38 Million Protective Masks citing ‘Shelf Life’

The Belgian Federal Ministry of Health destroyed millions of protective masks from the strategic reserve before the COVID-19 pandemic, because they had ‘exceeded their shelf life’.  “32 million surgical masks and 6 million respiratory masks of the FFP2 type, which are now in short supply worldwide, were destroyed because they reached their maximum shelf life […]

Italy: Only 12% of Covid19 deaths Actually List Covid19 as Cause

Report shows up to 88% of Italy’s alleged Covid19 deaths could be misattributed From Off-Guardian  —————– Mar 24, 2020  The way Italy registers deaths explains their increased coronavirus case/fatality ratio, according to one expert and a report from Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS). Citing this report (in English here), Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to […]