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Whose Land is Bosnia?

By Grey Carter – Excerpts from different Encyclopedias – The original settlers of geographical regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina are SERBS. They were, until recently, the LARGEST ethnic group there. (This collides with the claim of the Western press that Serbs are aggressors in Bosnia.  How can one be an aggressor defending OWN property?) FACTS EASY TO […]

Nikola Tesla was not a Croat: Serbian FM sends a note of protest to the EU

BELGRADE – Serbia sent a note of protest to the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Education, Culture and Youth Affairs Maria Gabriel in connection with the publication in the Internet presentation of the European Union that scientist Nikola Tesla was a Croatian. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic on the air of the Serbian […]

The fear of Cyrillic is an irrational Croatian fear against Serbs

ZAGREB – The Serbian People’s Council (SNV) President Boris Milosevic said the use of the Serbian language and Cyrillic is a legal obligation in 23 municipalities and cities in Croatia, but that it has not yet been fully respected in any place. He estimated that the fear of the Cyrillic alphabet was actually a fear […]

9. September 1993: The Medak Pocket, Gospic Massacre (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

By Grey Carter ‘‘This is a Serbian Village, Slit All Throats!” – 9. September 1993. – 9. September 2019 – 26 years since the Medak pocket massacre. September 9. marks a sad anniversary of the massacre Croat forces committed in the villages and hamlets south and southeast from the town Gospić in Serbian Krajina, called […]

“Try the ‘Croatian scenario’, just shoot the Russians and then throw them into the cauldrons”, Kiev politicians call on Ukraine to take “decisive action”

KIEV, Ukraine – “The Ukrainian side should stop talking about the fact that Donbass cannot be taken by force,” said the former employee of the Center for Operational and Strategic Research of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the director of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, an international expert on conflict […]