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21st Century Privatized Warfare: Will Russia Pay the Price? Part 1

June 4, 2016 –  Artem Dobrovolsky, PolitRussia- Translated by J. Arnoldski  According to the IRIN agency which deals with covering situations in problematic regions, in recent years around 40 armed conflicts have been ongoing in the world. Many have lasted for years, and some for decades. The number of victims of such conflicts exceeds tens […]


The Roots of Independent Croatia

April 10th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ ~ From Katehon ~ By Novak Drašković  Croatia’s Ante Pavelic and Adolf Hitler of Germany 75 years ago, on the 10th of April, the Independent State of Croatia was formed as the state of the Croatian people under the patronage of Hitler’s Germany. The state was proclaimed only 4 days after […]

A Hot Summer in the Balkans

October 28th, 2015 –  Fort Russ – By: Stevan Gajic – exclusive submission by the author, from Katehon – edited by: Joaquin Flores [With several countries in the Balkans experiencing  instability, a combination of both real and contrived political issues, ranging from economic to Islamic terrorism, threaten to shake-up this historically volatile region. – . JF. ed […]

Croatia Owes Two Billion Euros to the Expelled Serbs

August 15th, 2015  Written by Srdjan Misljenovic Translated by Milan Djurasovic Serbs who were expelled from Croatia during Croatia’s “Operation Storm” have not yet collected compensation for their seized and destroyed property. They now want to give what they are owed to Obama and Merkel. Serbs who were forcibly expelled from the Croatia decided […]

Remember the fate of the Serbian Krajina Republic? Kiev does!

Aleksei Volodin, in Russnaya Vesna April 9, 2015 April 12, 2015 Translated from Russian by Tom Winter In the mid-90s there arose a catchphrase of bitter irony:  Democracy? That’s when Croats want independence from Serbia.  Rebellion? That’s when Krajina Serbs want independence from Croatia.” Thus the conflict between Serbian Krajina and Croatia, 1991-1995, when the […]

Twisted History Against Russia and Serbia

This article by Michael Averko first appeared at Global Research on July 7, 2014 The Gray Falcon commentary “Failure to Communicate” has this excerpt, that led me to an extremely anti-Russian and anti-Serb article, from a venue which has previously slanted in that direction:   “The latest example of this ‘flipping the script’ is a New Republic feature comparing Putin to Milosevic. In […]