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China plans to launch world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency

BEIJING – China plans to launch the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency, which would help in the fight against various economic problems. One of the factors that led Beijing to develop its cryptocurrency was its concern over the development of cryptocurrencies such as Facebook’s Libra and bitcoin. With that, China would achieve what the monetary authorities […]

China will soon test its own cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty

BEIJING – The People’s Bank of China has stepped up efforts to launch its own cryptocurrency with the goal of gaining leadership before other central banks in the world. In addition, the Asian giant intends to maintain its financial sovereignty and is planning to conduct a series of tests with the system called Digital Currency […]

From Scepticism to Endorsement: China’s Move To Cryptocurrency

The participants of last week’s “Block Chain Life” forum held in Moscow concluded that digital cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is an inevitable reality of the future that must be developed and harnessed. The event held on October 16-17 had over 4,800 participants, more than half of them Chinese and Russian. It is not surprising considering […]

Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela to use cryptocurrency to DESTROY US dollar

WASHINGTON DC – US geopolitical opponents are implanting blockchain technology to combat American financial power, said the new report by the American Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (FDD). With the adoption of digital currencies around the world, efforts are under way to build new money transfer systems that operate outside of conventional banking infrastructure, […]

FAREWELL U.S DOLLAR – THE RISE OF THE PETRO CRYPTOCURRENCY: Air Europa & Venezuela Sign Investment Agreements

The Venezuelan government says it has signed a tourism development agreements with Air Europa. The transactions will be backed by Petro, the crypto-currency of the Latin American country. “Air Europa and the Venezuelan Government have agreed that all operations covering these investment, trade and tourism operations will be backed by petroleum,” said Deputy Economy Minister […]

Expectations about Venezuela’s El Petro in the world’s oil geography

CARACAS, Venezuela – Contagious effect There has also been an enthusiasm on the part of other countries to advance initiatives equivalent to the Venezuelan cryptoactive, a fact that seems to mark a starting point for the creation of an economic ecosystem very different from the one that determines daily life today. In Iran, a country that […]