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Germany’s Plot Against Serbia Exposed: Education & Espionage

In the EU accession process absorbing the former socialist states of Eastern Europe, there is a ‘trick chapter’ that is opened, and immediately closed, as a mere formality. This is chapter 26 concerning “Culture and Education” wherein the rationale for this chapter as a formality only is: “the area of culture and education entails no […]

Donetskflix: The Republic Offers Free Movies for all

By Rhys Jones – Originally at OffGuardian – Published May 1, 2020 FRN As reported by other contributors to Off-G, Donetsk is daily shelled and fired upon by troops from Ukraine territory. Residents are injured and killed by these unprovoked attacks, homes are damaged and destroyed, yet the official reports of these ceasefire violations published by the international […]

Trump and Xi’s Defence of Classical Culture Takes Aim at Malthusian Agenda

Faced with the looming threat of a new dark age sparked by a new viral pandemic, financial collapse and general nuclear war, the fight across the USA and China to revive renaissance heritage traditions is needed more than ever. The renewed appreciation for the inter-connectedness of art, science, morality and political freedom across the east and west is a breath of fresh air which one may only hope is a pre-cursor to a new renaissance encapsulating for the first time in history, the best of every culture across the earth.

Ireland pushes to increase indigenous Gaelic usage nation-wide

DUBLIN – A new report has found only 84 positions of the 20,000 people employed by Government departments are recognised as roles with an Irish language requirement.  Ireland has been pushing to increasingly improve the standing of its native language, Gaelic, on the island. The first monitoring report from the Office of An Coimisinéir Teanga […]

Pink-washed Imperialism: Queering the World for Capital

By Jonathan McCormack – There are—the teary-eyed politicians tell us—primitive peoples still darkly groping about in this current year without the blessings of our own enlightened, Western sexual values. President Trump has, therefore, pledged to civilize these backward lands, waging war against the criminalization of homosexuality. His announcement came soon after a report of the […]

Where is Psychological Control by Anglo-Saxons Stronger – Poland or Kaliningrad?

photo image – major shopping strip in Kaliningrad, Leninsky Prospect On the central streets of Kaliningrad – a total invasion of signs in English and German. The Kaliningrad international journalist Andrei Vypolzov explained this in his video blog. A colleague made a video review of the city center – Leninsky Prospect, Teatralnaya and Chernyakhovsky streets. “So, we are on Leninsky […]

Slavs Aren’t Lazy – It’s All About Time-Killing Tasks and Chit-Chat

People say that Slavs are lazy. Actually, that’s not true at all. On a certain level, Slavs are actually workaholics. I know this because they’re continuously working, even when they’re never actually getting anything done. They just can’t stop tinkering away at something, even when the time spent is completely unproductive. They just need to […]