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The Problem of Russian Statehood: Derzhavnost and Symphonia

The opening premise of this article is that the Russian community, in its form of self-consciousness qua community, in inescapably a religious community. The point that 38% of Russians today identify as either atheist or “not religious” is entirely immaterial – whether they like it or not, their group-consciousness was still born out of Orthodox […]

Two Distinct Processes of Civilizational Self-Destruction: An Analogy

  “The state’s consciousness and the most conspicuous education are found in the middle-class, to which the state-officials belong. The members of this class, therefore, form the pillars of the state in regard to rectitude and intelligence. The state, if it has no middle-class, is still at a low stage of development. In Russia, for […]

Inside America: A Southerner’s perspective on Race and Anti-semitism

By David Martin – I am from rural Eastern North Carolina.  Blacks and whites in the rural South have had a long symbiotic relationship that has made them much closer to one another culturally than most people realize, even the parties, themselves.  They eat the same food, they practice the same religion, each has strongly […]

Crimean Exceptionalism – Russian heart, Ukrainian mentality

“….the federal government has done everything which could reasonably be expected to lift Crimea out of the sorry state of social and economic under-development which pertained in March 2014. But external stimuli can only go so far, because the problems are internal to Crimea itself.”

Culture and tomorrow: Italian and Russian futurism

January 22 , 2017 – Fort Russ News –  Op-Ed by Vladimir Golstein On the eve of WWI there arose an interesting artistic movement, called Futurism. Both in Italy and in Russia. On the surface it was a movement of young aggressive poets and artists who promoted urbanism, speed, technology, modernism all tainted with male […]

Top seven things foreigners are struck by while in Russia

December 9, 2017 – FRN – – translated by Inessa Sinchougova  A publication has collated a list of top seven things that foreigners were most struck by during their time in Russia.  1) First of all, the presence of shops, banks, bars and pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day. Everyone knows that in Europe, […]