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Russian bikers determined to invade Europe, despite protests

President Putin riding with the Night Wolves April 13, 2015 Translated from Russian by Alexey Tatu Watch out, Europe, the Russian bikers are coming! The leader of the Russian ‘Night Wolves’ bike club announced that the motocross run “Victory. Moscow-Berlin” will go on as planned . Despite protests from the Poles, he said the […]

Ukro-nazi art, or “why do I want to roll into Kiev in a tank”

Russians depicted by Ukrainian artist Vladislav Shereshevsky, photo: Alexander Zakletsky March 19, 2015 Zakhar Prilepin, Russian writer Translated by Krisitna Rus I understand everything. And that the Ukrainian nation exists, it’s a fact. It used to be a small nation, but it grew-and grew-and grew and grew up. And now to say that they are […]

Declassified CIA document: “Doctor Zhivago” should be considered for the Nobel prize

“Doctor Zhivago”, Russia,  2005 February 13, 2015 Source: Soul-Researcher Kristina Rus Declassified CIA document: “Approved for Release: 2012/09/19 SECRET December 12, 1957 Subject: Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago 1. ______ staff heralds the appearance of this book as more important than any other literature which has yet come out of the Soviet Bloc and is deeply concerned that […]

The Hypocritically Arrogant and Ignorant Comments Against Anna Netrebko

By Michael Averko Re: This overly subjective piece is authored by someone who has exhibited a preference for nationalist anti-Russian leaning perspectives. Should Ruslana be considered a terrorist sympathizer for preferring the two regimes which succeeded the democratically elected and overthrown Ukrainian president? The increased turmoil in Ukraine very much relates to some of the people involved with that […]