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Zionist Bolsonaro has Lowest Rating in Brazil’s post-dictatorship history

BRASILIA – Jair Bolsonaro has the worst assessment after the first three months in office, comparing with all presidents elected after the military dictatorship, the Folha de São Paulo daily Datafolha reported on Sunday. President Jair Bolsonaro will complete the first 100 days in office on Wednesday. According to the Datafolha Institute, 30% of Brazilians […]

Is Brazil facing another military coup? Society’s polarization spikes

BRAZIL – Many indicate that the Brazilian elections this October may be the most unpredictable in history. With left-wing Lula imprisoned and the danger of “radicalism” pending, the political landscape seems to have no current suitable candidate. According to a Brazilian specialist in Latin American affairs, Lyudmila Okuneva, a professor at the University of International […]

The Chilling Statistics of Ukrainian Police State

Is this what Maidan stood for?  May 13, 2015       ВЗГЛЯД / Репрессии и террор на Украине Translated by Kristina Rus Repressions and Terror in Ukraine After the coup of February 22, 2014 (Vzglyad. The Business Paper) Sources: Reporters without Borders; Ukrainian official data; The Foundation of Research of Problems of Democracy; open sources […]

Poroshenko administration instructs Ukrainian media how to lie about WWII

Ukrainian Trident hanging below swastika sign at a Galician parade April 17, 2015 Translated by Kristina Rus Kiev junta finally solved the dilemma of its position regarding WWII – equate Putin to Hitler, and declare Ukrainian nationalists – fighters against Nazism Cassad: Kiev’s secret instructions for the media for May 9: UPA – fighters against […]