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Democrats Jacking-up C-19 Body-counts – Boston-Newark Megalopolis Death Certificate Agencies in Big Lie

By William Walter Kay – On January 9, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) alerted authorities worldwide of a potential novel coronavirus outbreak. Three weeks of investigations and conferences later (January 30) WHO declared a global public health emergency. Regions which subsequently posted extraordinarily high Covid-19 (C-19) fatalities did not encounter notable domestic C-19 cases until […]

FLORES: Amazon Will Endorse Fake Labor Unionism to Back Google’s ‘Online-Election’ – A Color Revolution Against Trump

By Joaquin Flores – Educated in the field of IR and IPE at California State University Los Angeles; previously served as a business agent and organizer for the SEIU labor union; has published internationally on subjects of geopolitics, war, and diplomacy; serves as the director of the Belgrade-based Center for Syncretic Studies, and is Chief […]